Best Way To Conceal Carry With Shirt Tucked In

Are you planning on carrying a concealed weapon but have more of a business or presentable appearance you have to uphold? Perhaps you’re wondering what is the best way to conceal carry with shirt tucked in? Maybe you think it can’t be done?

Well, we are here to get all of your bases covered. We will ensure that you are fully educated on the proper technique to carry your firearm and keep your shirt tucked in! Let’s get rolling.

The key element of the IWB (Inside the waistband) holster that you need to consider here is the belt clip. A regular clip that clips directly off the holster and onto the belt won’t allow any space to slip your shirt in between to get the desired tucked in shirt and still conceal your weapon.

You will want to acquire an IWB holster that has an upside down “J” type of clip so that the clip will clip on and you can tuck the shirt in between the clip and the holster. A second element is to consider one with two belt clips as this will enable you to avoid the constant bunching up of your clothing that can happen with just a single belt clip holster.

There are also different carrying positions and risk minimizations that you can undertake that we will get into more detail on!

best way to conceal carry with shirt tucked in

The Carry Position

There are many different positions in which to carry a gun. If you are working on getting a gun holstered and carried with your shirt tucked in then we will be talking about carries that occur at the waistline.

We might recommend choosing between the strong hip carry or the appendix carry as these two types of carrying are the most popular and logical when considering a tucked in shirt.

The purpose of these carrying styles both come with their own set of pros and cons but both have a very fast drawing capacity and the appendix carry is easy to grab your gun with either hand.

The appendix carry will have your firearm positioned somewhere between your navel and your hip while the strong hip carry will be somewhere on your hip between the 2 o’ clock and 4 30 o’ clock position. You can choose whatever is most comfortable for you and also what conceals the best for your body type.

Here’s a video that will give you some details and visuals on the types of carries and also some info on the different holsters available on the market!

The J Clipped Holster

The J clipped holster is going to be the best IWB holster option to get you set up with a shirt that you can tuck in your shirt. The upside down J will create space between the clip and the holster to allow the shirt to tuck in without getting bunched up or stopped by the holster.

FoxX’s tuckable holster is a good option for those looking to tuck in their shirt with an IWB holster and also has the double clip to improve stability and also keep your shirt from bunching up in the holster clip!

Minimizing Risk

Using appendix carry or even strong hip carry closer to the 2 o clock position increase risks from reholstering the gun because it does point the barrel of the gun towards sensitive areas of the body. As with all things that have risk involved we always want to do our best at risk management.

One tip to minimize the risk of an accidental or negligent discharge hitting you at all is to rock your head and upper body backward. This will reposition your body in relation to the gun and ideally cause the bullet to hit somewhere behind your feet, as opposed to your privates or your thigh.

Although rare, one man died from attempting to reholster his gun in appendix carry with a shot to his femoral artery in the thigh.

 It is tough to tell if it was negligent or accidental but the story teaches us to always practice holstering and reholstering with an unloaded pistol until it is second nature and also to ensure the retention is not so tight that it has any danger of affecting the trigger.

Some Alternative Options

Although appendix carry and strong hip position are going to be your most comfortable and effective positions to carry with when you are concerned about how to carry inside the waistband, there are other options.

If you can’t get the IWB carry just right and absolutely have to live day to day with a tucked in shirt then you can always consider these alternative options. These include ankle carry, off body carry, and pocket carry.

The ankle carry and pocket carry are both pretty self-explanatory. You would get an ankle holster to carry the pistol around your ankle and the pocket carry is a holster that fits in your pocket to carry the gun securely.

Galco makes great ankle holsters according to the public like Galco’s ankle glove for Glock 26, 27, and 33.

With the pocket carry option, it is important to understand that the pocket you use for the carry is specifically for the gun only. Try not to be holding keys or coins and any other assortment of pocket items that you might need to obtain. Every time you reach into the pocket for something else will increase the chance of a negligent discharge so this would be a gun only pocket.

The last type of carrying which is the off body carry simply means that you are carrying the gun off of your body. This means in a purse, or a briefcase, or a backpack – any sort of containment equipment that allows you to keep possession of the gun without it being on your physical person.

With off body carry you need to ensure that there is going to be no access to the firearm from anyone who shouldn’t have it, such as a child. Keep this in mind when considering off body carry.

Your Body And Your IWB Holster

When you are considering what “o clock” position to carry your firearm it is good to consider you’re body type. You don’t necessarily need to research the “best spot to carry” because it can differ depending on your body type.

Look for flat contours and spots that you can holster the firearm and have it ride flush with your skin. This can also include a 6 o clock position which would be located at your back. Just remember to practice your draw so you’re quick on the draw if you come into a dangerous situation with a bad guy!

Tucked In And Ready To Go

Now you’re set! You now understand the best carry positions as well as the best type of holster that gives you the best way to conceal carry with shirt tucked in. You also have information on alternative carries to keep your mind wide open on the huge array of options that you have. Now you’re well informed and on your path to being a top of the line with safety in mind concealed weapons carry – and dressed for the part!

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