Sig Romeo 5 Review: Detailed Pros & Cons

This is the ultimate Sig Romeo 5 review so you can truly decide for yourself if it’s the sight for you. It will have you lining up shots for the pros in no time with a little bit of practice. This bad boy lets you see in all different times of day and even has a night vision option! WIth the Sig Romeo 5, you’ll be able to keep shooting all day and every day.

sig romeo 5 review

Before You Buy

It’s always important to take into account certain elements of any product before making a purchase. With the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 compact red sight, you get killer accuracy and the ability to shoot during all hours of the day and night.

This product is specifically marketed to rifle owners who are looking for a scope that will last them awhile. The battery has a life of 50,000 hours and 10 illumination settings to keep you seeing everything throughout the whole day. 8 of those settings are daylight settings and the remaining two are your night vision settings.

This scope is for those who want to buy a quality scope and it will last for a long time, too! This scope is best suited for someone who is looking to mount their optic onto a rifle, like an AR-15.

 If you are looking to mount a scope onto a handgun with a rail then you might want to look at optics that are more suited for a handgun, like the Leupold FX-11 handgun scope.

It’s important to consider what you’re going to be using the scope for so you can mold the features that you need on the equipment around that use. For example, the Sig Romeo 5 is a 1x magnification sight so you may not want to get this specific sight if you are trying to make 1000 yard shot.

It’s also a good idea to consider the weight of the scope if you are going to be hunting with it and carrying the gun around with you. The Sig Romeo 5 comes in at 7 oz which comes in on the lighter side of other scopes that can weigh upwards of 2 lbs or more.

The Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot Sight

Sig Sauer SOR52102 Romeo5 XDR Compact Red Sight 2...
  • 2 MOA Red-Dot provides 10 illumination settings (8 daylight plus 2 NV) for visibility in all light conditions
  • MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not. Provides for optimum...
  • Integrated M1913 Picatinny interface provides industry-standard mounting options for a wide range of applications
  • Dependable waterproof (IPX-7 rated for complete water immersion up to 1 meter) and fog-proof performance
  • Includes a M1913 Picatinny low mount riser and a co-witness 1.41" riser mount

The Sig Romeo 5 is an adjustable sight that you can mount on to your rifle to highly improve your accuracy. It’s got your standard de-fogging design and is also waterproof up to 1 meter of water.

The sight itself comes with an M1913 Picatinny low mount riser and co-witness 1.41″ riser mount. These will help you mount the sight onto your firearm without any additional difficulty and gives you flexibility.

As mentioned before, the sight also comes with 10 illumination settings, two of which are for night vision. The sight itself is only a 1x magnification so make sure you don’t need any more intense magnification than that.

The battery gets reloaded on the side for quick and easy swap outs and has an estimated battery life of almost 50,000 hours so you know that it won’t just die on you in the field. This sight is for people of all skills levels from amateur to professional shooters.


  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Multiple illumination settings
  • Includes mount for your rifle


  • Only 1X Mag

Questions and Answers

What is a co-witness mount?

A co-witness mount allows the optics that you are installing onto your rifle to line up with the iron sight on your rifle. The red dot when you look through the sight should align itself with the tip of the iron sights.

What is a Picatinny mount?

A Picatinny mount is another mount that is standard for mounting different types of accessories on your rifle. It was originally designed for mounting optics onto rifles which you can certainly use with the Sig Romeo 5.

It doesn’t have the co-witness concept in mind with the design but you will have both options to choose from and be able to alternate between the two.

Does the Sig Romeo 5 have good eye relief to allow me to acquire my targets quickly?

Yes. The Sig Romeo 5 is a 1x magnification scope so when you are acquiring your targets you will be able to adjust quickly to your targets. The 1x mag doesn’t change the scope of what your eyes see in the world around you and it allows your eyes to adjust to the scope more quickly.

These low magnification settings will allow you to acquire targets quickly at a close range which is why low mag is popular within law enforcement and the military.


Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot Sight

The Sig Romeo 5 dot sight features an automated system that puts the sight to sleep when there is no movement happening. You can also turn the device off manually if you wish!

The system that allows the device to go to sleep automatically will also wake up the device when movement occurs allowing you to remain fully fluid in your shooting experience without having to worry about the battery life of your red dot sight. 

It is able to be mounted on any platform and is designed with the material aluminum with the longevity of use in mind.


The automated system MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) is the system that is designed to retain battery life on your sight by turning off when you aren’t moving.


The lens are coated with what is called spectracoat. Spectracoat is the type of coating they use to coat the lens to vastly reduce the reflections within the spectrum of your vision through the lens.

This also allows for greater light transmission through the lens so that you will be able to see your target while out in the field. Without the coating, the reflections would glare through the lenses and you would be unable to see clearly through the scope.

Stealth ID

The way that the scope is designed breaks up the visual in a way that can disguise the size and shape of the equipment on your firearm. This allows you to be more incognito about your optics if this is something that you feel you might be concerned about.

When using a low mag scope as a general citizen of society, then you are probably considering it for personal home self-defense. It is possible your hunting hogs, though!

If you are using this for personal self-defense the stealthiness of this scope can help give you an advantage of surprise as your opponent may underestimate your ability to acquire your target and fire at a speed and efficiency that you actually are able to with this scope.

Reticle and Illumination

The sight features two different reticle options for you. This is between your 2 MoA (Minute of angle) red dot or your 65 MoA circle dot. This means that at 100 yards the red dot will cover 2 inches worth of the area and the circle dot will cover 65 inches worth of the area.

The reticle you choose will ride on your personal choice but you will always have the option to alternate. The Sig Romeo 5 also comes with the 10 illumination settings. 2 of these settings are for night vision and then the other 8 take you through the different times of the day.

This is important to allow you to maintain maximum visibility throughout all the different times of the day and even into the night or starting very early morning. These options give you improved versatility and adaptability so that the equipment will be of use to you through all the different walks of life you may take.

Community Feedback

Customers who have purchased this product enjoy the scopes options for reticles and also the fact that the battery is well utilized and also just a simple AAA battery. Once you swap out the battery when it finally dies you ready to rock and roll again.

The sight is easy to use and they are pleased to have the tool it comes with to be able to easily mount it onto the included mounts. This tool is also used to make your wind and elevation adjustments on the side of the scope if necessary.

The only negative comments that customers have towards the Sig Romeo 5 are the few customers who received defective equipment. With all the variables involved with designing high tech equipment and then shipping it in a truck it’s safe to say that this is normal.

Want Other Options?

We’re all about options here. We’ll go through a few alternatives for you to make sure we are guiding you towards a perfect fit for you.

Trijicon MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) 2.0 MOA Adjustable Green Dot Scope

The Trijicon Mro Green dot scope features a very large viewing area through the lens to allow for even faster target acquisition. This scope has 8 brightness settings instead and a middle setting that allows the brightness to be turned off entirely.

The tools for adjusting the wind and elevation don’t require any special tools for adjustments. This gives you the ability to adjust on the move and opens up even more opportunity to remain fluid in your shooting. 

You would use this item well if you’re looking to absolutely maximize your target acquisition speed at a higher level. It is also crafted with Aircraft grade aluminum so you know it’s going to last you a while.

Why Trijicon might work better for you:

  • Larger lens for faster target acquisition
  • Easy wind and elevation adjustments with no tools required which will increase your speed
  • Aluminum is specifically Aircraft grade to ensure top quality and increased durability.

Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight

The Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight was designed for close range and general shooting with a 2 MoA precision dot reticle. It’s designed, like the Sig Romeo 5, to acquire it’s target quickly and efficiently. This Vortex sight comes with 11 illumination settings as well to adjust for all levels of daylight.

The equipment is made out of durable aluminum and is O-ring sealed to make the optic waterproof.

There is a skeletonized mount that allows you to hold the mount low and lower ⅓ co-witness. This lower ⅓ co-witness means that the sight rests slightly higher than the iron sights on the weapon.

This ⅓ co-witness option allows you to see with just the red dot without having the iron sights clutter up the red dot.

It also allows you to mount the sight onto rifles, shotguns, and pistols. So if you would prefer to keep your red dot separate from the end of your gun, this would be the sight for you!

Why Vortex might work better for you:

  • ⅓ Co-witness mount allows you to keep red dot separate from iron sights
  • High versatility being able to be used with rifles, shotguns, and pistols with mount provided
  • 2 MoA Precision reticle assists better for close range shooting but also for general shooting at longer distances

Cycvis Red Dot Sight

The Cycvis Red Dot Sight comes with 11 illumination settings that assist you in all levels of brightness and darkness. It is also waterproof and the lenses are coated to ensure it reflects the glare and light shining into the scope.

It’s built well and loved by customers at a really good bargain. If you’re looking to save in that department this equipment will offer you good performance for what you’re looking for. It’s durable, rugged, recoil resistant, and reliable.

It also has the adaptability to rifles, shotguns, and pistols to give you the option of using it however you need to. It also features an unlimited eye relief which allows you to keep both eyes open while firing which gives you faster target acquisition.

Why Cycvis Red Dot Sight might work better for you:

  • It’s well designed and has positive community feedback at a really good bargain
  • It has options that will allow you to use the scope in brightness or darkness
  • Unlimited eye relief to be able to fire with both eyes open and still use the scope

That’s it!

Now that you’ve gone through the whole Sig Romeo 5 review you are well informed and aptly prepared to make your decision! The Sig Romeo 5 is well loved by customers and helps maintain longevity out in the field with its motion detected activation to save on battery life. It also stays incognito and gives you a good tool to increase your accuracy without giving that advantage away in the case you are using it for close quarters defense. Now you know! Stay safe!

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