How To Wear An Ankle Holster With Jeans

If you’ve ever watched an action movie or a spy thriller, you’ve probably seen the hero draw a weapon from his ankle holster. Have you ever wondered if anyone in the real world actually conceals a weapon that way? Believe it or not, ankle carry isn’t just for spies and villains. In this article, we’ll describe how to wear an ankle holster with jeans and by the end, you’ll feel confident enough to try it for yourself.

how to wear an ankle holster with jeans


To successfully carry a weapon at your ankle, you’ll need to purchase a quality holster with adequate retention to keep your gun secured until you decide to draw. Pair your holster with bootcut jeans to eliminate printing. Skinny jeans won’t fit over the weapon, and pants that are too wide at the bottom may get in the way of an efficient draw.

The gun you choose should be a compact or a subcompact. Full-sized guns will be difficult to conceal and could be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear all day.

The last step is to practice your draw. Ankle holsters are a bit more challenging to access than drawing from your waistband, so they require practice to become efficient.


Jeans are probably the best type of pants for concealing an ankle holster. They’re thick enough to completely conceal your weapon with no printing. They’re also sturdy so you can pull them up in one seamless motion when you need to draw.

Bootcut pants will work better than other styles of jeans because the size of the ankle opening is ideal. It’s loose enough to effortlessly cover the weapon, but not so loose that there’s excess fabric getting in your way.

Jeans are superior to lighter fabrics because loose, clingy fabrics can show the imprint of your gun and can sometimes get tangled in the top of the holster. However, any thickly woven materials like khakis or wool dress pants are good options for carrying at your ankle.


To make ankle carry more comfortable, consider wearing tall socks. Even the most breathable, comfortable holster can irritate your skin after a full day of wear. If you pair the socks with ankle-height boots, your holster will sit above your ankle bone rather than pressing against it all day.

You might also consider choosing boots and socks that match the color of your holster. If your pant leg rides up when you sit, the holster will blend right in with your socks and shoes so no one will know you’re carrying a weapon.


Ankle holsters come in multiple styles. There are single strap holsters that simply wrap around your ankle or double strap holsters that wrap around your calf as well. Ankle holsters are often made from soft, breathable materials like neoprene or nylon.

Whichever style of holster you choose, it should fit snugly to your ankle. If you ever need to flee a situation, you want your weapon to be secure against your leg so it doesn’t hinder your escape. A good fit also reduces friction and chaffing from the holster.

The holster you choose should be as minimal as possible to enhance concealment. Even thick, sturdy jeans won’t hide a full-size gun with a bulky holster.


The creator of this video gives a brief but thorough overview of concealing a weapon at your ankle. He also shows how to draw from your holster. With some practice, you may be able to draw your weapon in under three seconds like him. Check it out:


Carrying a gun at your ankle isn’t just for movie characters and marines. Many military and police officers use an ankle holster to carry a backup weapon. Despite the draw being slower than from a waistband holster, especially when standing, there are definite advantages to carrying at your ankle.

Carrying a second weapon gives you the versatility to draw whether you’re seated or standing. It also gives you a backup option if your primary weapon malfunctions or runs out of ammunition.

Ankle holsters require less wardrobe modification than waistband holsters. You don’t need to size up the waistband of your pants, wear long shirts and jackets, or purchase extra accessories like a gun belt to use an ankle holster.

One major advantage of concealing at your ankle is that you can easily draw from a crouch in an emergency. If you find yourself needing to take cover, drawing from your waistband can be a challenge. It’s also easier to draw from your ankle if you’re seated in your car or in a restaurant.


Although wearing an ankle holster doesn’t require much wardrobe adjustment, it does require that you wear pants to conceal your weapon. Long skirts aren’t a great idea with an ankle holster because as they float around, it’s possible that the material will get caught on the holster and reveal your weapon.

Not only does it take more time to draw from an ankle holster compared to a waistband holster, but the situations in which you can access the weapon at your ankle are also limited. If an attacker is in close proximity to you, you won’t be able to reach down for your weapon. In face-to-face confrontations, waistband carry is superior. However, drawing from your ankle is a great option if you hear shooting nearby and you have the time and space to crouch and access your gun.

Unfortunately, your favorite full-size gun simply won’t work for ankle carry unless you’re built like a giant. Full-sized pistols are large and heavy and will be extremely difficult to conceal. They also have the potential to limit your mobility if you need to flee. In an emergency, you don’t want to be tripping over your weapon or smashing your other ankle with the 1911 you just had to carry in an ankle holster.


Choosing to carry a weapon at your ankle is a great option for a primary or backup weapon. Concealment is quite easy and requires less specialized clothing and accessories. I’m sure you already have a great pair of bootcut pants in your closet, so pull them out and give it a go now that you know how to wear an ankle holster with jeans. 

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