How To Wear A Gun Belt

Is your normal dress belt wearing out from your holster? Did you search online and buy a gun belt? Do you know how to wear a gun belt?

Rest easy, Gun Goals is back to answer this question and set you up for success. Just buying a gun belt doesn’t automatically set you up for gun carry success. There are right ways and wrong ways to wear them.

People have different ways and tricks to wearing their gun belts, but we have compiled some proven ways into one article for you to read and decide what fits best for you.

When wearing a gun belt, you need to find the right thickness, durability, and style to match your needs. Gun belts can be made of leather or nylon with pros and cons for each type. Gun belts should be pulled tightly to prevent sagging of the pants and wobbling of your gun holster throughout your day.

Read on to find out more about the different information you need on gun belts.

how to wear a gun belt


Some people may think a gun belt is unnecessary, but there are several important reasons for wearing a gun belt. These reasons range from cost-saving to life-saving. Check out these important reasons to use a gun belt.

Durability – Normal belts aren’t designed to bear the weight of a few-pound holster that sits in one spot over time. While you can get away with wearing your holster with a normal belt once or twice, soon, it will start to deform your belt.

Gun belts usually come in one of two materials: leather or nylon. Reinforced leather belts are durable and good for a lot of normal weather situations. Nylon belts are also tough and more affordable but more susceptible to weather damage.

Width – Everyday belts come in different widths with 1.25 inches being the most common. Most holsters are made for more than that. Gun belts come in wider varieties with 1.5 inches being the most common.

Reinforcement – Gun belts are made of hardier leather or nylon to accommodate the added weight of the holster. Some gun belts even come with a metal lining to add extra rigidity. The reinforcement prevents sagging and distributes the weight more evenly.

Safety – If you wear a regular belt and your holster starts to sag or sits far away from your body, you’re actually creating a safety issue.

Drawing the gun becomes more difficult and you increase the chance of the holsters getting bumped or caught on something. A gun belt helps keep the holster close and in the right place.

Watch this video for more reasons to wear a gun belt.


When it comes to actually wearing the gun belt, you may think there’s no wrong way to wear it. However, if you don’t take care to wear the gun belt in the right way, then all the good reasons we discussed above are thrown out the window.

Check out these tips for wearing a gun belt with your holster properly.


Many gun holsters have specific belt widths they can attach to securely. Belt loop and paddle holsters need a specific width to be used correctly.

A 1.5-inch gun belt is the most common size, but if your favorite holsters all are fit for a 2-inch belt, then your gun is going to be flopping around all day. If you picked a holster that is adjustable, then you can avoid this problem completely.

Having a poorly fit gun belt is just as bad as having a poorly fit dress belt. When your holster is secure and held close to your body, the likelihood of an accident decreases.


Some of us (myself included) have a bit of that dad belly growing as we age. This may make you want to wear your gun belt a little looser for comfort’s sake.

Be careful! A loose gun belt causes the same problems as an incorrect width. The clips or loops can pull on a loose belt harder causing more wear and tear over time. The loose holster becomes floppy and a danger.

In general, you want to buy a belt that is two sizes larger your pants’ size. This will help you find one that adjusts to normal fluctuations in weight.

You may also want to look into how the belt locks into place. Most belts use the time-honored buckle method, but some use loops of different kinds. Find the best for you.


As you walk down the street, you may not want your gun belt to let everyone know you’re carrying. Even when exercising your right to open carry, most people want a belt that blends in or accents their clothing.

There’s no need to get fancy when matching belts to clothes. A simple rule of thumb is to match brown belts with brown clothes and black with everything else.

Especially when concealed carrying, you don’t want someone to know that your belt is a gun belt, and matching the look and color goes a long way to doing so.

However, if you want a more tactical look that emphasizes the fact you’re carrying, then you can easily find gun belts that do that. Nylon belts are popular for this style.

Gun belts are relatively affordable; you may want to consider buying a few different options to meet your needs. Some gun belts even come with replaceable buckles for ultimate look customization.


We hope you enjoyed learning about how to wear a gun belt. Now that you why and how to wear one, you can go out and carry your favorite handgun in a safe, secure way.

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