How To Use MOA Reticle

Are you looking to learn how to use MOA reticles? There’s been a debate between MOA Vs MIL reticles and which one’s better or holds more advantages. The answer may just surprise you but for now, let’s cover what how to really use the MOA reticle.

You’ll just need a few items to get going. An MOA reticle scope and some targets to shoot. With those in hand, you’re ready to get started and you’ll have MOA reticles mastered in no time.

how to use moa reticle

items needed for this tutorial

Scope with MOA Reticle – If you’ve never seen the difference between a mil and moa reticle there’s not a huge difference. At first glance, a lot of people wouldn’t know what type of reticle is being used. It all comes into play when you begin making adjustments on your target.

Targets – To get the best understanding of the MOA reticle it’s important to have targets set up at 100 yards and maybe another set of targets at 200 yards. This way you can practice making adjustments at different distances and get comfortable with MOA.

How to use MOA Reticles

MOA stands for minute of angle. They’re often referred to as minute scopes and minute adjustments and are mainly used for long distance shooting. Each one-minute adjustment moves your shot 1″ inch for every 100 yards.

For example, if your shot is 1″ inch below the target you can make a one tick MOA adjustment and you know it’ll move exactly one inch to the target. This makes adjustments more precise and simplifies the math behind making scope adjustments and acquiring targets.

By comparison, a mil reticle makes adjustments in 3.5″ inches roughly per tick. This makes the overall math more complicated for shooting longer distances. If you’re in a competition with time limits this may put unwanted pressure on you for adjusting your scope.

Stick to What You Know

Both MOA and MIL work very similarly. Our recommendation is to stick to the one you’ve already been learning with. Just get as comfortable as possible with either one of these reticles and you’ll be just fine with your shooting. Neither one of them has a large advantage of the other.

If you’re new to both types then I would suggest going with the MOA. It’s more friendly to the beginner and who doesn’t like simplified math? No matter which route you end up going you’ll get great performance out of both.

Common Questions

How to calculate distance with the MOA reticle? – MOA has a simple math figure to go by for calculating your adjustments based on distance. Each tick of an MOA scope is 1″ inch per 100 yards. So, if your target is 300 yards out and you’re hitting 3″ inches off you would adjust 3 ticks.

What’s 1 MIL at 100 yards? – A single MIL adjustment at 100 yards is roughly 3.5″ inches.

What’s a good Minute of Angle Calculator App? – If you want a quick solution on your cell phone there are apps out there that help with that.


I hope you enjoyed our article on “how to use moa reticle”. There’s really nothing to it and with a little practice, you’ll have the MOA down in no time. It’s simplified math makes it extremely easy to pick up and great for beginners.

Just remember you’ll need a scope with an MOA reticle. You can find these all over the place in a wide range of prices so find something you like and just go with it. Don’t forget that when it comes to rifle scopes you quite often get what you pay for. In my opinion, the sweet spot between budget friendly and quality is around $250.

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