Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Pistol Sight Review

There is no denying that Sig Sauer is one of the most prominent brands in firearms and outdoor optics industries. The company has managed to build their reputation over the course of several decades of producing top notch products that users can rely on. When it comes to purchasing a product like a pistol sight, there is little room for error and opting for a cheaper model just to save a few bucks can prove to be a costly mistake should your sight malfunction in the hour you need it most.

Fortunately, the Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Pistol Sight is one such model that can be purchased for around $150, which is very reasonable when considering that other premium brands are often priced at well over $200.

Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Pistol Sight Review

This sight is compatible with a number of different guns, but users most often choose to pair it with an AR pistol as the sight allows them to greatly increase the level of accuracy and precision of the popular style of weapon. Using this sight with an AR pistol allows shooters to have accuracy levels that are comparable to full-size rifles. Best of all, an AR pistol allows users to avoid many of the pricey licenses and regulations that come with owning a full-size rifle in some parts of the world.

At First Glance

There are plenty of reasons why users are raving about the Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Pistol Sight. The Romeo5 is an electro-optic sight that functions as a solution to a variety of different issues that arise when users are relying on a similar sight model to help them increase their accuracy and performance.

This sight is considered a Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC) model, which works to increase the life of a battery within a particular sight. This particular product is designed to detect movement in front of the sight’s forward-facing direction. If no movement is detected for an extended period of time, the sight automatically powers down to conserve the life of the battery.

The Romeo5 is designed to be super-lightweight compared to other sight models. This allows the user to better wield the sight and aim it in a more efficient fashion, which can be crucial when using these types of sights for home defense, law enforcement, and military purposes.

Lens and Reticle

The Romeo5 offers an exceptionally-clear lens that helps to enhance light transmission in darkened situations where a user is forced to rely more heavily on their sight’s ability to brighten a particular image. This particular sight is made by Sig Sauer to utilize the revolutionary new Spectracoat lens coating material. This coating helps to prevent scratching and other damage that might occur to the lens, as well as providing users with a wider broadband of visible light spectrum when compared to other, lower quality sights.

This Spectracoat material also offers anti-glaring characteristics that help to dampen or eliminate the potential for glare. This quality alone can prove to be a life-saving measure when using this sight in dangerous situations when a sight’s glare can give away one’s position and thereby lead to a unfavorable outcome.

The lens quality of the Romeo5 is also able to deliver high-quality viewing to allow a user to quickly and easily acquire and identify their target when seconds count.

Overall Construction

This particular red dot sight is made to function as a super-lightweight model that can still perform at a level that’s comparable to other premium red dot sight models on the market in 2021. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum this sight weighs in at only 5.1 oz. and still manages to provide many of the same qualities and characteristics that other full-size models do.

This sight is also fully waterproof and will continue to function despite being submerged up to a certain distance in feet below the water’s surface. The Romeo5 comes with Ingress protection of X7 (IPX-7), meaning the sight can withstand being submerged up to about one meter underwater.

In addition to this waterproof capability, the Romeo5 is also designed to be fully fog proof to allow users to have a clear, unobstructed sight picture when the moment comes.

Installation and Use

The sight can be mounted to any standard Picatinny 1913 style rail and comes with a 1.41-inch riser that functions as a co-witness mounting option. The low-profile mount is often said to be more suited for shotguns or pistols, according to many users.

The Romeo5 can be adjusted at .5 MOA thanks to its flat edge utilizing top and side-mounted adjustment knobs. Such a level of precision tuning allows shooters to reach extremely precise levels of accuracy in the field and on the target-shooting range. Despite its super-lightweight design, the sight is made to withstand a considerably-high amount of recoil and still maintain the same Point of Impact (POI).

Extra Features

The Romeo5’s battery life is rated at 40,000+ hours, which is dependent upon the specific brightness setting a user has on their sight. The two MOA red dot options provide 10 different brightness settings with 8 being suited for daytime use while 2 are geared toward night vision compatibility. The MOTAC operation system seems to be able to considerably lengthen the amount of battery life, according to the Sig Sauer website.

The fact that this red dot sight is made to be much more lightweight than other models makes it perfect for tactical use when users want to reduce the amount of extra weight in their overall gear packs and on their weapons.

The sight itself is covered by Sig Sauer under an Infinite warranty that will work to provide coverage in the event that any machined part of the sight happens to malfunction. The Romeo5 also comes standard with an Electronic Component 5-Year Warranty that applies to all electronic components inside the sight.


It’s clear to see why so many users are praising this red dot sight as one of the best red dot pistol sight models for 2021 as there are numerous features and high-quality characteristics that combine to make this sight a clear choice for seasoned shooters.

Thank you for reading and good luck in the field!

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