Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight Review

The Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight is a high quality red dot sight that is suited for guns with high levels of recoil, such as shotguns, as well as pistols. Compared to other brands that are available for similar prices, this sight is made according to the same notable standards as other Primary Arms products.

This particular sight, also known as the MD-ADS, is crafted from highly durable hardcoat anodized 6061 aluminum, which means it will hold up to any kind of rugged environment you may find yourself in. The sight is completely waterproof, as well as fogproof thanks to its sealed O-ring construction.

Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight Review

This is a complete guide to everything you need to know about this red dot pistol sight.  Enjoy!

Reticle and Optics

The Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight features fully multi-coated lenses that are scratch resistant and help to prevent glare for viewing potential targets in bright, sunny conditions. Compared to other premium brand red dot pistol sights, this model offers good glass clarity.

The sight also boasts a red dot sight that offers ultra-sharp 2 MOA red dot reticles that provide users with more than 10 different brightness settings that allows each particular user to get just the right brightness level depending on the weather conditions, time of day, or other factors in which darkness might hinder the shooter’s ability to range thor shots or to make an accurate shot.

The glass on the Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight is among some of the best of any similar model on the market for 2021. The sight’s fully multi-coated lenses also offer a low-profile emitter, which means users will have a very clean overall sight picture with minimal amounts of lens tint that might otherwise diminish the shooter’s ability to home in on the right spot where they need to aim.

The first two brightness settings are meant to be compatible with night-vision units while the remaining 9 brightness settings allow a user to shift their reticle clarity to reach the level that’s optimal for them.


The Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight mounts to a standard 1913 Picatinny rail base. It is also relatively compact at just 2.5 inches in length, which should be small enough for most users to operate their weapon without the hindrance of overly bulky sights. Another important aspect of having a good quality pistol sight is making sure the overall weight is light and will not act to impede a shooter’s ability to properly aim their weapon at a time when firing off an accurate shot is of the utmost importance.

The hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum housing acts to protect the sight’s lenses and other components to ensure that it does not sustain any damage. The hardened outer layer is also designed to protect the more delicate inner workings of the sight from any movement or damage that might result from the recoil of high caliber weapons.

The fog resistant and waterproof construction means that this sight will continue working even if you happen to allow it to become wet—even fully submerged to a depth of about 30 feet in some cases. The type II matte black finish also adds to the overall sleek, stealthy appearance of the sight, further proving that it is perfect for tactical use.

The rotary knob is located on the right side of the sight, allowing shooters to easily adjust the brightness whenever they need to without impeding their ability to properly aim their weapon, or to risk shifting their sight’s mounted position and obstruct the gun’s overall accuracy.

Many users will appreciate the fact that the sight comes with a removable 1913 MIL STD Picatinny base, which makes it very simple and easy to mount this model to just about any type of firearm.

Battery Life

One of the most talked-about features on the Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight is the extra-long battery life that is said to last for years when used properly. The sight is advertised to have a battery life of 50,000 hours, but that number will depend on the specific brightness level a user decides to operate their sight with.

Having a sight that quickly drains batteries is not only frustrating, but can prove to be very costly if your sight turns out to not be fully functional in the instance that you’re using it for defense purposes. The Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight is one that rivals other premium brands in 2021 as the longest-lasting battery of any pistol sight.

Added Features

In addition to other features that are welcome additions, this sight is also crafted with an anti-glare lens that ensures your sight will not give away your position should the sun reflect off it in a way that does so. This is extremely important for users who employ this sight for law enforcement or military use when small mistakes like a sight’s glare in the mid-day sun could be the difference between life and death.

This sight is interchangeable and can easily be mounted to pistols, rifles, and shotguns without any difficulty in the setup or operation.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the most important factors that is often overlooked is that the Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Pistol Sight comes with a lifetime warranty on the sight. Primary Arms is well-known for fully backing their products and providing outstanding customer service, so if a user needs to address any sort of malfunction on the sight, they can rest assured that it will be dealt with in a timely and professional fashion.


This sight is currently available for less than $200, which is an incredible deal when factoring in all the other features and advantages that users will have in using it. Comparing this sight to other models on the market in 2021 will reveal a clear advantage in using this particular Primary Arms model.

Thanks to its incredible battery life, array of different reticle options and ease of use and installment, this sight is a great option for users looking for a quality-made product that is priced at a reasonable rate.

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