How To Measure Revolver Barrel Length

Are you trying to figure out how to measure revolver barrel length of your favorite revolver? Maybe you’re curious about what different barrel lengths mean to you, as the operator of the firearm? Either way, we are going to help you out with getting the proper measurements for your barrel for whatever it is that you might need it for.

It’s important to do this properly so that you know how to maintain safe operation of the handgun and also obtain proper measurements for the barrel.

Quick Overview:

To measure the barrel length on your revolver, first check the gun and ensure the chamber is empty and there is no loaded magazine in the gun. After going through your safety procedures you will need a dowel rod. You will want to get the size of a rod that will fit into the barrel of your gun.

You are going to use this to run the dowel rod down the barrel and then use a marker to mark on the rod where it stops. After that, simply measure the length of the dowel rod up to the mark and you will have your barrel length! Easy as that!

how to measure revolver barrel length

Why Does Your Barrel Length Matter?

You might want to know why you would care much about your barrel length. There is some debate on whether the longer barrel actually helps with accuracy. There have been studies done that lead you to believe that the accuracy was not affected whether the user was firing a short length barrel or long length barrel.

The longer the barrel the longer that the gun powder can burn which will create more pressure and eject the projectile from the gun with that much more force. This will increase the impact power of your round.

Most gun enthusiasts come to the general consensus that the barrel length doesn’t hold a large enough impact to really matter much. Although the longer barrel may improve accuracy due to having less recoil and longer sights giving a larger radius, it is not enough to really make a decision.

It could be said that you would have the same level of accuracy with a smaller gun so if you’re looking at concealing the weapon a smaller barrel might work for you.

Safety Precautions

Before measuring the barrel length of the revolver, you would want to make sure it is safely unloaded.

You can use the ejector rod to ensure there are no rounds in the cylinder and just make sure you keep the gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Also, try to keep your finger away from the trigger and out of the trigger guard.

The last thing is to decock it when it’s all unloaded if you need to. To do it safely without dry firing, simply hold the hammer back and pull the trigger and let the hammer rest against the gun gently.

How To Measure Revolver Barrel Length

To actually measure the full barrel length you will want to get a dowel rod that fits down the muzzle of your revolver. You can use a simple marker to mark the dowel when it stops at the back of the gun.

Remember, you never want to look down the barrel of a gun no matter what the circumstances are and always keep it pointed in a safe direction.

Once you have the dowel market you will simply pull it out and measure from the end of the dowel to the mark on it with a ruler. This will be the easiest and most accurate way to ensure you obtain the proper barrel length.

It can be difficult to guarantee the starting point of the dowel or measuring rod unless you have the exact size. If the width of what you are using is too small it could slip past the end of the barrel. If needed, you can apply something that covers the end of the barrel that would stop the measuring rod from slipping past to give you an accurate measurement.

You can also measure with measuring tape along the outside of the barrel up to the forcing cone, or end of the barrel as shown here:

Where To Measure The Barrel

There is some debate about where you should measure the revolver barrel from. The above method gives you the measurement from the forcing cone. The forcing cone is generally a term for a shotgun. It is the element of the firearm that feeds the round into the barrel.

In a revolver, the forcing cone is a tapered off part of the end of the barrel facing the cylinder. The tapered part is cut with precision tools to create specific degrees and points of entry for the firearm’s rounds.

Measuring to the facing cone in the gun you will find the true barrel length of how far the round will be traveling in the barrel. The manufacturer of the gun might use different standards for measuring the barrel.

We believe the actual amount of barrel that the round travels through is going to be your true barrel length. This is going to be the actual amount of gun that the round travels through to measure your barrel accurately and assess the velocity power of your gun.

Barrel Pressure And Velocity

The barrel pressure and velocity of your firearm can be measured by obtaining a variety of different measurements from your firearm. These numbers will tell you how hard and how fast your round is going to hit.

Using the basic parameters of your gun you can really break down the firearm and identify unique components of the firearm, like projectile momentum.

That’s It!

Now you have all the details on how to measure revolver barrel length. You have the details on why it could be important to you and how to measure it properly! You should feel confident in your firearm and the more you know about it the more secure you will become with it! Keep it safe and happy shooting!

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