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We sometimes accept articles from other experts within this field. You must be able to meet our writing guidelines for your content to be accepted. Here are our basic writing requirements.

  • Article Tone: Friendly Expert
  • Topic: Selected By Gun Goals
  • Word Count: Depends On Topic ( 1,000+ Words)
  • External Links: Links should help verify information, support arguments, and be beneficial to the reader.
  • Internal Links: Link to 2-3 other posts on Gun Goals that support the article.
  • Images: Do not include any images. We’ll handle those.
  • No Filler, Fluff, or Content that doesn’t add to the subject.
  • Gun Goals owns all rights to any content published on Gun Goals.

We’re strict on these type of articles and very few get accepted. If you’re willing to put in the real work and create a high-quality piece of content that’s 100% original please use the contact form below.

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We’re willing to hear from businesses in the Guns & Accessories field. Feel free to contact us regarding advertising, sponsored content, etc.. please keep your message straight forward and to the point. This will increase the odds of getting a reply and us being able to work with each other.

Any other type of business inquiries will be deleted. We don’t work with any website B2B businesses and would appreciate it if you avoided contacting us regarding any of these pitches.

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