Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm Rangefinder Scope Review

The world of technology has made many leaps forward from the days we were shooting without scopes. Many scopes have come and gone but rangefinder scopes are making the world smaller and making weapons more accurate. The Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm Rangefinder Scope is one of the gems of the 21st Century, with high-end features that make it useful for many purposes.

It can be daunting to buy a scope if you don’t understand all the features and the qualities. However, we have done some in-depth research to see how the scope works and whether it will be worth your while. In the following article, we break down the Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm Rangefinder Scope to help you decide if it is the scope for your needs.

Review of the Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm Rangefinder Scope

Let’s start off with the specs.

Technical Specifications

While the features will make or break the scope, it is the technical specifications that tell the true story of how a scope compares to others. Understanding all the features will allow you to see how the scope works and if it is worth your time:

Magnification: 4-16X

Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm

Field Of View at min/max: 8.6-2.3m

Eye Relief: 12.5-3.1mm

Reticle: X93 reticle

With all the technical features out of the way, we believe that you need to see how the scope will function when used. The following section is dedicated to showing you how the scope stacks up and which features stand out. Since there are tons of great features, we have selected the top features that make an impact:

Precision Optics

One of the main features is the optic lenses. While you want to have the best optics, it is important to look for something with multicoated optics. The multicoated lenses allow the user to use the scope in all conditions. Additionally, it works with a large objective lens to give you optimal light transmission in low-light situations.

One of the aspects that we like the most is the clear and crisp look of the optics. The crisp edge-to-edge look means that you will have a clear view of your target and you won’t lose the target due to weather conditions or bad light. The multicoated optics are also responsible for giving the scope a sharp contrast in bright conditions.

Overall Design

The Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm Rangefinder Scope is similar to 3rd generation optics when we look at the overall design. It features a sleek design and a comfortable setup for most rifles. The overall weight of the scope is only 30.3-ounces, which makes it one of the lighter options, considering all the features incorporated.

At only 15.5-inches, it is not as long as many people might expect. However, the size to quality ratio exceeds what we see from many lesser scopes. Internally, the scope includes a rangefinder and 2 AA batteries are all your need to power the unit. Fortunately, these batteries are readily available from any retail outlet.

Overall Performance

The main reason for you to buy the scope lies in the performance and it has arguably the best rangefinder one can find in a scope. According to the manufacturer, it should accurately measure distance up to 2000-yards. The accuracy is around 1-yard give or take when you have determined the range of your target.

The scope functions are similar to many other scopes on the market today. However, the laser rangefinder is very easy to activate. Aside from a small button located on the side of the scope, you also have the remote control to activate it. Additionally, one can connect the remote control via Bluetooth if you are to activate the rangefinder remotely.

The physical aspect of the scope is very impressive. Most of the components are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, but some of the smaller components like the magnification ring and ocular adjustment has been rubberized. The rubberized components can withstand almost any weather condition for more durability.

Finally, the magnification is 4X-16X, which allows you to get close to your target. While the standard 8X magnification is what you see in most high-end scopes, the additional magnification does not seem to be distorted. The light transmission is more than 80%, which allows clear sights in low-light conditions and crisp vision with the X93 reticle.

Ballistics Program

You will find that the entire scope works like a PC and will give you information on everything you do. Once you shoot, you will have information on the round, which means you can adjust the scope to better compensate for the following shots. Here are a few of the improvements that the software of the scope will offer:

  • Ballistics Coefficient of the bullet
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Inclination
  • Bullet Type
  • Windage

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