Best Red Dot Sights for Duck Hunting

The prospect of adding a red dot sight to your shotgun for duck hunting season might sound crazy to some more traditionally-minded hunters, but more and more outdoorsmen and women are exploring the benefits of having one as opposed to not.

Some brands have recently conducted extensive research regarding the overall level of accuracy shooters have with a red dot sight on their shotgun as opposed to simply using a bead or none at all.

A study conducted in part by Aimpoint in 2018 reported that a group of shooters proved to be 24 percent more accurate when using a red dot sight on their shotgun as opposed to not having any sight.

The shooters were tasked with hitting various moving clay targets such as a running hare and upland birds in flight.

After the results, Aimpoint began to explore and engineer new red dot sights that are designed to help improve accuracy for wingshooters.

So while the idea of moving to a red dot sight for shotgun duck hunting might seem laughable for some old timers, some companies might just be on to a solution for drastically improving the shooting accuracy of duck hunters, as well as pheasant, quail, and other wingshooting enthusiasts.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best sights currently on the market for 2021 when it comes to red dot sights for shotgun duck hunting.

Best Rod Dot Sights For Shotgun Duck Hunting

Let’s get this list started!

Vortex Razor Red Dot

Vortex is one of the hottest outdoor optic brands on the market and the company has truly carved a path toward the top of the industry in the last decade by making some of the most efficient sights in the business.

The Vortex Razor Red Dot sight is one that rivals the best sights on the market for 2021 and is arguably one of the best red dot sights for shotgun duck hunting currently available.

This sight is compact, yet still provides the user with a wide field of view that allows them to have a visual of their target bird, as well as the dot itself in many cases.

The LED-powered red dot is capable of being adjusted to a wide variety of settings.

The Vortex Razor Red Dot is made with aluminum housing that also includes scratch-resistant glass.

This particular sight is available with either a 6 MOA dot or a 3 MOA dot option and is one of the toughest, most durable red dot sights for shotgun duck hunting on the market for 2021.

Vortex Optics Razor Red Dot Sights

This is the best overall red dot sight for duck hunting in 2021. Very high value, reasonably priced.

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07/24/2021 02:04 pm GMT

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

Leupold is a heavy-hitter in the outdoor optic industry and is well-known for producing some of the highest quality products in the game.

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is another outstanding product in a long history of outdoor gear items that are designed to greatly improve your shooting ability and accuracy.

This red dot sight has a very wide field of view which lets the user see the dot, the bird they are aiming at, as well as the bead on their shotgun. Many users report that being able to have multiple visual aiming points greatly improves their overall accuracy.

Leupold’s Motion Sensor Technology immediately detects movement from within the sight, so the red dot battery will fire up while the shooter has the gun in hand and is preparing to make a shot.

This feature alone goes a long way in preserving the battery life for the sight and eliminates the frustration of switching it on and off.

The Auto-Brightness feature is also another stellar move by Leupold to help users automatically accommodate for the light level outside and for the sight itself to adjust accordingly.

While this sight offers a huge amount of awesome features and capabilities, many users might opt for a less expensive option as this model is typically priced at over $500 in most cases.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight

Leupold is a trusted optics brand with a solid reputation. This red dot lives up to that reputation. It delivers excellent quality and performance.

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07/25/2021 05:13 am GMT

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Burris SpeedBead

Burris has long been known as one of the top manufacturers in the outdoor optic industry. Their riflescopes, binoculars, and other products are often some of the most widely-used among outdoorsmen and women.

The Burris SpeedBead is another great product in a long line of solid gear items that are designed to improve the overall hunting and shooting experience of the user.

One of the main reasons users typically choose Burris over other brands is the fact that they’re more affordable when compared to some of the other major brands out there.

The Burris SpeedBead comes with a metal bracket that helps users install this sight to just about any shotgun they want to use it with as there are no additional parts required to mount this sight.

There are certain models that are made to fit specific shotguns and the Burris FastFire II is also available for users who can’t find the right fit to pair their shotgun with the SpeedBead.

This sight offers a wide field of view, is super lightweight, and is easy to install.

Burris SpeedBead Mounting System with Fastfire 3 Shotgun Sight

The Burris Speedbeed is another solid duck hunting red dot sight.

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Aimpoint Micro S-1

The Aimpoint Micro S-1 is specially designed to be used with shotguns and is ideal for using with a variety of different shotgun models.

Many users report that this particular red dot sight is an excellent choice for clay or wingshooting as it allows the user to employ an instinctual style of shooting that still incorporates using the red dot to improve your aim.

The Micro S-1 comes with a carbon fiber reinforced mounting system that helps users install this model on their shotgun in a way that won’t add unnecessary or cumbersome weight that might cause issues in handling.

Users can install this sight at any point on their shotgun’s rib and adaptors are also available to help install this one to specific models.

This sight is available in 6 different MOA dot sizes and is extremely lightweight and compact compared to other red dot sights that might hamper the aim of the user.

Aimpoint Micro S-1 Red Dot Reflex Sight
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Well we hope that you are able to find a red dot sight that is going to suit your needs next duck hunting season!

Hope you enjoyed and good luck!


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