Tennessee Firearms Association, TFA


Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) is Tennessee’s primary organization for promoting and defending gun laws and the right to bear arms in the state.  They seek to inform and unite all handgun owners in Tennessee to help spread awareness regarding the benefits of a free society.  Since their grass roots beginning in 1995 they have remained a dedicated non profit organization fighting to protect gun rights in Tennessee.

This association works solely for the well-being of the people of Tennessee and their right to defend themselves should the need arise.  Their united vision is one of freedom and safety in the state of Tennessee and beyond.  Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, each member agrees on the singular importance of defending Tennessee rights to carry firearms.  

Tennessee Firearms Association aims to educate residents of the state on the benefits of bearing arms without restriction from the government.  They work to remove the negative stigma that has unfairly attached itself to the legal carrying of guns.  Through education and training, they teach the public that guns are a tool which helps to provide safety and security.  Their message clarifies that firearms protect the well-being of those who know how to use them properly.

TFA is committed to defending all gun rights related to gun laws for self-defense.  They recognize that crimes are stopped before they have the chance to begin when gun laws are put in place.  Any rights pertaining to the open carry of a handgun are defended and safeguarded by Tennessee Firearms Association.

TFA is dedicated to serving the citizens of The United States.  Protection and preservation of the constitution is the thread that ties together the activities and efforts of this organization.  They act first and foremost with the interest of maintaining freedom and safety for all American citizens.

TFA Goals and Objectives

Tennessee Firearms Association is the state’s number one advocate for the right to bear arms and handguns.  With this in mind, they have made every effort to further the advancement of gun laws throughout Tennessee and to reduce the sensitivity that many feel around the subject.  

This is an organization that values safety and the ability to protect oneself and family members.  Self-defense is a right in this country, which sets it apart from the rest of the world.  One of the biggest highlights of life in America is the freedom its citizens are blessed with.  This includes the freedom to protect oneself without depending on police or law enforcement to do so first.  TFA works diligently to support this right and protect the laws which keep it in place.  Self-defense is necessary, and nothing provides the security that a handgun does.  This organization works to prove that guns are the most reliable and efficient tool to use for self-defense.

This country was founded with ideals of freedom for every citizen.  Americans value their freedom to speak, worship, live, and bear arms as a societal norm.  To remove one of these is to effectively remove the freedom that is so highly valued in this country.  Every person has the right to protect and defend their households and families without intervention or control from the government.  To install gun control laws in this country is to remove the sense of security that comes from gun ownership.  These are facts that fuel the TFA.

TFA Methods and Tactics

Tennessee Firearms Association uses every resource available to share information statewide on a regular basis.  They keep members and non-members up to date on the latest changes taking place in government and how to get involved.  They have a large network to which they distribute emails, telephone calls, and mail, sharing valuable information to Tennessee residents about gun laws and news. 

Candidates running for election are screen by TFA, and judgement is passed based on how the candidate responds to the second amendment, the truest measure of conservativeness.  They believe that the constitution protects the pre-existing right born unto each individual to bear arms.  The laws did not create the right to bear arms and it cannot create laws that limit this right.

One of the most important and valuable responsibilities assumed by the Tennessee Firearms Association is monitoring the legislative decisions which affect the firearm laws of the state.  When necessary, TFA acts quickly to defend the rights residents have to carry firearms on their person.  They work to shut down requests which aim to prevent their freedom to self-defend.  They are on top of the latest news and regularly share it with members and nonmembers on their website.  They remain on the frontline of candidacy and share pertinent information with voters on who they believe will best serve the state and country.

TFA is constantly working to bring new and accurate information to residents of Tennessee, their main goal to defend their right to self-defense with the use of a firearm.  They represent the safe and responsible use of a functional tool that they acknowledge every American has the right to own and carry.  Their message and their efforts stand true to their most fundamental beliefs on firearms.  TFA is the most reliable ally of the second amendment, and each citizen’s right to practice self-defense when it is needed most.