New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, NYSRPA


The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association is an avid protector of freedom in The United States.  They strongly support the right Americans have to bear arms.  Their mission is to support this privilege and to help facilitate the advantages of it through ethical and responsible education, informative research, and active participation in legislative matters.

The NYSRPA is a statewide organization powered by volunteers and made possible by donations from members across the state and country.  They are the official state association of the National Rifle Association, NRA, for New York. They work with the NRA and regard all of their laws and requirements, however, the NYSRPA is a separate and independent entity, relying on their own members for support and continuation.

The role the NYSRPA plays as a state association is very important and their impact can be felt in almost every scenario which includes legal arms and weaponry.  To begin, the NYSRPA works tirelessly to ensure that all laws, both old and new, support human rights and one’s claim to the second amendment and the right to bear arms.  With support from the NRA and it’s members, the NYSRPA has petitioned and fought in courts large and small to protect the rights it stands for.  

The NYSRPA also provides training, support, and funding for all shooting sports that take place in New York.  They will assist in finding instructors for anyone interested in becoming a legal and active marksman.  

The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association plays a major role in discovering and sharing all the information a shooter in New York would want to know.  They share knowledge on the law and how it pertains to shooting regulations both for sport and for personal protection purposes.  They communicate to the public about firearm related topics via radio, television broadcasts, newspapers, and magazines.  

Laws and regulations surrounding firearms are closely monitored by the NYSRPA.  No changes can or will occur without the active testimony and participation of NYSRPA members.  They remain the number one advocate for firearms rights in the state of New York.  The NYSRPA is an passionate team of gun enthusiasts who understands and supports the many reasons why the right to bear arms must be protected.

NYSRPA Goals and Visions

The NYSRPA brings together the people of New York who respect and appreciate their right to bear arms for activities such as hunting, sporting, collecting, and more.  They serve as a beacon of hope for members of society who still believe in the power behind the second amendment.

Through the NYSRPA, people from a variety of backgrounds are brought together for the purpose of competing, studying, practicing, and training with firearms.  The NYSRPA defends rights to carry and use concealed weapons.  Safe and responsible methods for use are enforced and help to highlight the benefits of providing a safe space to practice and study with these powerful tools.  

Shooting sports are a popular choice by many in The United States.  The NYSRPA respects this desire of the residents of New York and provides the facilities, personnel, and knowledge necessary to continue such a valued tradition.  They host, advertise, and volunteer at sporting events, ensuring the games take place fairly and lawfully.  

Access to shooting sports, hunting, and firearms overall is a right that is constantly challenged in this country.  Due to the dedicated work from the NYSRPA, these rights are defended and maintained on many levels of government.  They are working to ensure every voice is heard on behalf of all firearm owners.  Whether it be for sport or protection, the NYSRPA is ready to provide the information and testimony necessary to those who make the important decisions in politics and government.

The NYSRPA works for the people and also because of the people.  With the generous donations of time and money by enthusiasts across the country and state, they continue to strengthen safety and freedom not just for New Yorkers, but citizens across the USA.  

How NYSRPA Serves

The combined efforts of NYSRPA members and volunteers have served to enlighten members of society, from juniors up to legislative leaders and politicians. They have persisted in their mission to protect New York residents from government intervention in dealings with firearms. With this association in action, legislators will not successfully ban firearms or limit the public’s access to them..

The NYSRPA works tirelessly in the Capitol, fighting for resident rights to own and carry legal firearms on their person.  They have effectively defeated several anti-gun bills and have contested unconstitutional laws which violate American freedoms, such as the SAFE Act.   Additionally, they have worked for pro-gun legislation which is currently in lawful effect throughout the state. 

The NYSRPA receives news, updates, and information coming from legislation at state and local levels almost immediately.  They are fully committed to protecting law-abiding citizens who choose to enjoy shooting, hunting, and collecting firearms.  They are often found testifying in front of committee hearings to ensure that their voice, and those they represent, are heard.  They have had a major hand in many bills that have been written regarding firearms and their variety of uses.  The NYSRPA ensures that residents who value their freedom to own and carry firearms are heard when it matters most.

The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association is fully invested in protecting Americans rights to enjoy shooting sports as well as their right to bear arms on their person.  They exist to defend the rights of New Yorkers who find the second amendment to be a valuable addition to their lives.  As long as they continue to receive the support of the people, they will remain a force to be reckoned with on state and local levels.