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Meet The Heritage Foundation

the heritage foundation

The Heritage Foundation is a group of professionals dedicated to bringing conservative policy solutions into action through research, communication, and outreach.  This foundation believes in an innovative approach to political issues that utilizes traditional American values to solve complex and ever-changing policy issues.  Their top priority is protecting the freedom, safety, and constitutional values of America and its citizens.  The policy entrepreneurs working for The Heritage Foundation are at the forefront of all political initiatives taking place in today’s world.  

With a team of more than 100 experts, research analysts, and thought leaders, they bring high-quality information and value to the discussions and decisions being made in the Capitol.  As an independent non-profit, no monetary compensation is received from either private or public sector establishments.  The Heritage Foundation relies entirely on the 500,000+ donating members to keep their efforts thriving.

Operating alongside congressional staff, executive staff, news and media outlets, and communities in both the academic and political arenas, they bring conservative policy solutions to light.  The theories, ideas, and policy solutions formulated at The Heritage Foundation are respected by leading members of society, including the President of the United States Donald Trump, congressman, popular news outlets, and their many thousands of donating members across the nation. They are fully committed to protecting the ideals and traditions upon which The United States of America was founded.

Who Does The Heritage Foundation Serve

The work performed at The Heritage Foundation is for current and future generations.  This Foundation strives to keep the American dream alive for all the citizens of this country.  Their location, just steps away from the Capitol, places them within walking distance to the government officials who know they can rely on the input, research, and initiatives provided by the foundation.  They receive daily invitations to testify to the Capitol, major news channels, online media outlets, and community leaders.  They are positioned to make a lasting impact on the policy issues and agendas facing lawmakers today.  The conservative solutions they formulate are simple, yet effective.

One of the greatest values in American is the right to free enterprise and competition in the marketplace.  The Heritage Foundation believes that each individual has the right to succeed professionally without interruption from the government.  They want every American to reap the benefits of dedicated hard work and the success that is rightly their own.

The Heritage Foundation remains at the forefront of policy issues regarding limited government.  Just as the founding fathers desired, the government serves to protect its people and not to control them.  America is the land of the free and they keep this statement alive through limited government policy solutions.  This is how the foundation serves future generations, by ensuring freedom and room for growth.

Individual freedom is the centerpiece of American culture and each of the foundation’s political objectives highlights this right.  In this country, citizens are free to vote, worship, love, live and move around the country as they wish.  The Heritage Foundation supports this freedom and directs policy-makers to support this dream as well. 

Conservative policy solutions are created from the traditional American values as stated in the United States Constitution.  By staying true to the ideals of the founding fathers, they create innovative, simple, and conservative solutions for the government and for the American people. Equal opportunity for great success awaits every citizen in this country who’s willing to earn it. 

Not only is this land one of individual freedom, free enterprise, limited government, and traditional American values, but it is one where each citizen is safe.  Today’s world is a dangerous one and terror attacks appear on the news channels regularly.  To maintain the safety of the American people, The Heritage Foundation stands for a strong national defense.  This is placed among their top priorities.  With a capable military, strong defensive strategies, and healthy foreign relations, they work to keep the safety of the public within the American borders and aim to protect what matters most.

The political endeavors at The Heritage Foundation consistently align with their top values discussed here.  Each of their efforts helps to maintain opportunity, prosperity, and a flourishing civil society in this country.  They cultivate conservative policy solutions that support free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

The Heritage Foundation’s Impact

A significant boost for the conservative agenda can be accounted for since their founding in 1973.  Their team of experts tirelessly seeks solutions for top political issues.  They are regularly invited to testify to Congress each year.  They share solutions through major online news sites, prints and publications, and television and radio outlets.  They host hundreds of meetings a year with elected public officials and grassroots leaders alike.  They have been nationally recognized as a valuable “think tank” and a necessary operation for the advancement of conservative policy solutions.  

They combine innovation with traditional American values to create a recipe for success.  Government officials both admire and appreciate the assistance they provide on a regular basis.  President Trump has warmly received a large percentage of the foundation’s suggestions and has included many of their ideas in his budget.  

The Heritage Foundation cares about the American people.  They hold the original values of this country strong and have committed themselves to continue the greatness that this country has achieved.  With steadfast faith in free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and strong national defense, they aim to give current and future Americans the life every person dreams for.  They provide conservative solutions for current policy issues, creating lasting changes that will serve for years to come.