grass roots north carolina

Meet Grass Roots North Carolina

grass roots north carolina

Grass Roots North Carolina is a non-profit organization powered by volunteers coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.  The people of this organization work without pay or compensation to protect the Constitutional rights given to citizens of The United States of America. 

The top priority for GRNC is a “no-compromise” vowel to secure gun rights in this country.  This means that they stay true to the main principle which they intend to protect: the Second Amendment and individual rights to keep and bear arms.  Without question or doubt, GRNC supports political candidates who maintain the “pro-gun” position that is so deeply valued by this organization.

GRNC’s political action committee, the GRNC Political Victory Fund, supports candidates who are proven supporters of the right to keep and bear arms, regardless of their chances of victory in a given race.

Founded in 1994, GRNC has grown in their reach and their influence on both state and federal levels.  With a diverse team of volunteers committed to serving the highest good of this country, stopping or slowing down is not an option for them.  Politicians cannot compete with a team of people who cannot be bribed, bought, or swung towards a popular opinion.  GRNC holds true to its promise to protect Americans and their right to carry arms.

Who does GRNC serve?

Grass Roots North Carolina is dedicated to serving the citizens of The United States.  Protection and preservation of the Constitution is the thread that ties together the activities and efforts of this organization.  They act first and foremost with the interest of maintaining freedom and safety for all American citizens.

There are many who argue that lawmakers should rewrite the gun policies in this country and even make them illegal for civilians to own.  GRNC strongly denies the validity behind such arguments and acts in accordance with their opinion.  They remember who it is that the Constitution serves and commit themselves to defending the rights bestowed within it.

GRNC remembers the individuals that the Second Amendment protects.  They remember the woman who stopped a burglar from entering her family’s home where her children slept.  They remember the elderly, the weak, those who could not physically defend themselves should the need to do so arise.

GRNC remembers cases of domestic violence and foreign invasions, where gun rights helped to protect and save lives.  These stories of survival repeat themselves every day in The United States of America, partially thanks to the efforts of this organization.  No other group is more committed to protecting gun rights in this country.

This country was founded with ideas of freedom for every citizen.  Americans value their freedom to speak, worship, live and bear arms as a societal norm.  To remove one of these is to effectively remove the freedom that is so highly valued in this country.  Every person has the right to protect and defend their households and families without intervention or control from the government.  To install gun control laws in this country is to remove the sense of security that comes from gun ownership. 

Police and law enforcement are not always available to protect individuals when the need comes.  Gun ownership deters crimes before they have the chance to begin.  The combination of freedom and safety felt by all American citizens is due, in large part, to the Second Amendment: the ability to bear arms.  It is the purpose and mission of Grass Roots North Carolina to preserve and protect this invaluable feature in the land of the free.

Laws that attempt to take away gun rights from Americans cause harm only to those who wish to protect themselves and their families.  Criminals will not be prevented from acquiring arms.  Law abiding citizens will become the target of violence and threats, and the price of losing the ability to protect oneself cannot be effectively accounted for. 

It is for these reasons that GRNC exists and persists in their fight to ensure freedom and safety for all citizens of this country.  It would be wholly Un-Constitutional to pass laws that argue otherwise.

GRNC accomplishments

North Carolina’s current concealed handgun law was passed in large part due to the efforts of GRNC. Among GRNC’s many legislative victories, the group shepherded passage of:

  • A clean concealed handgun reciprocity law that is accepted in 39 states;
  • Legislation that avoids redundant background checks for existing permit holders in the market for new products and handguns;
  • Made emergency concealed handguns available to victims of domestic violence;
  • Repeal of North Carolina’s State of Emergency gun ban;
  • Legislation enabling permit holders to protect themselves in state parks, municipal parks, educational properties and financial institutions;
  • Significant improvements for the application process for those seeking concealed handgun and pistol purchase permits; and
  • Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground legislation which has been saving lives since 2011.

Grass Roots North Carolina relies on its arsenal of volunteers to make a difference in the lives of every American.  With a nation-wide network of individuals, GRNC uses every resource available to them to keep their followers up-to-date on the latest and greatest legislative movements and political endeavors taking place on both state and federal levels. 

They appear at gun shows, concealed weapons classes, gun shops, and wildlife clubs to share their message and their goals.  Their extensive email alert network is updated with information which helps support their main principal.  GRNC aims to assemble and organize Second Amendment supporters across the nation to help awaken legislators, communities, and corporations to the importance of their vote and support in the mission to protect gun rights in America.

North Carolina’s current concealed handgun law was passed in large part due to the efforts of GRNC.  They passed a clean concealed handgun reciprocity law that is accepted in 39 states.  They passed legislation that avoids redundant background checks for existing permit holders in the market for new products and handguns. 

GRNC fights for those who need it most and made emergency concealed handguns available to victims of domestic violence. They passed bills that allow permit holders to bear their arms in state parks, municipal parks, and financial institutions.  GRNC also made significant improvements for the application process for those seeking a handgun permit.

GRNC was a key player in ensuring that citizens and permit holders could use their handguns outside of the home during declared states of emergency.  They played an important role in determining that it is Un-Constitutional to be unable to bear legal arms during states of emergency.  Protection and freedom has and always will be the number one, non-negotiable priority for GRNC.

Many attempts to restrict our access to permits and legal handguns has been stopped by Grass Roots North Carolina.  Efforts have been made to shut down gun shows, which GRNC halted.  GRNC eliminated the requirement for permitted handgun owners to pay storage fees for their property.   They stopped legislation that would criminalize permitted gun owners whose property was stolen and unreported, even if the gun owner was not aware of the theft.  GRNC also defeated attempts to ban handguns in child care centers, parks, and playgrounds.

Grass Roots North Carolina has made their impact known in a variety of ways, but their promise to never compromise on their number one principal has remained at the forefront of their efforts.  The intention of GRNC is felt in governments, communities, and groups both large and small across the country. 

The founders of this country held a vision of freedom that GRNC is committed to upholding. GRNC’s impact has made a significant difference as this issue of legal arms is brought to light by many Americans.  As long as Grass Roots North Carolina exists, Americans can be sure that they will fight to uphold their main principal and protect freedom held so dearly in this country.